Course 13 M/W10 Yellow

Omitted from final info. This course will be on display at the Oakwood start. This allows the competitors on this course to study the course and/or be instructed about the course. There is one control that they will punch twice. It will be no.5 & no.8. It must be punched both times. Also make sure the loop, no.6 & no.7 are taken in correct order.

Final Info

LOC final info in pdf format.

Mainly the same info as the Course Details page

There has been a lot of late entries and we’re printing more maps. Start times are published on Fabian4
Very few free start slots on most courses between 12 & 1pm, so if you miss your start time you may have to wait an hour for next available slot.

The weather…dare I say is looking favourable…

We’re looking forward to hosting almost 200 competitors.

Don’t forget the sprint event in UCD on Sat

Start Times

Start times have been allocated.

They have been concentrated between 11am & 1pm. This may leave things tight for those on split starts, but we can accommodate earlier or later starts, but bear in mind the need to have prize giving as early as possible, aiming for 3pm.

Many courses are quite full and if you miss your start time, you may have a long wait till the next free slot.

Use contact email above to request changes.

Changes to an early or  late time is straight forward enough but juggling in the middle of the start window will be troublesome and will impact others. Any further entries will be allocated either very early or very late time

Sprint event UCD previous evening

Note from UCDO,

With Setanta hosting this year’s Leinster Championships on the 19th of April, UCD Orienteering Club have decided to host a sprint event on UCD campus the preceding day. The map was previously used just over two years ago as part of the Irish Colleges Campus Sprint Series, and has recently been updated by UCDO members Laurence Quinn and Cillín Corbett to reflect the constant changing nature of a university campus. (Please note the event has not yet been added to the fixtures list).

Start times: 16:00 ’til 18:00
Course closes: 19:00
Final details will be posted on the forum ASAP.

Looking forward to seeing you all there,
Niall McCarthy,
Event Organiser.


Mugs by Crannmor Pottery (Hilary Jenkinson)

1st, 2nd, 3rd junior classes and W21E/M21E and 1st all other classes including short classes

In addition Leinster Champions outside of the winners above will receive mug.

There are Leinster Champions perpetual trophies for W35, W18 (currently missing), W21E and M21E

Quick update

Course details have been updated. Still provisional but not expecting further significant changes. (I think I said that before!) Some courses lengthened though not by as much as some may be expecting. All Lough Firrib courses pass through forest, where the going is slow in parts. Have added note about the start. The route to the Lough Firrib start passes through the competition area. This forest was recently added to the competition area but the original start location has been retained. Therefore the forest either side is out of bounds and give way to those competing.

Entries remain open till this day next week, Wed 8th April.

Next update after JK on Tuesday 7th